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What is Semi-permanent makeup, Folsom?

Semi-permanent Make-up:

Semi-permanent makeup Folsom is a face treatment to improve eyes, brows and lips to add meaning to the face.

This process affects injecting pigment via a fine vibrating needle into the most superficial coatings of the skin. A local drug ointment dampens the area pre-treatment. The dye only spikes 0.2mm deep and unlike a tattoo it fades with time. The dye is made of raw iron oxide, which is hypo-allergic so no patch examination is required.

Semi-permanent makeup Folsom procedures:

  • Lips
  • Beauty Spot
  • Eyeliner and Eyelash enhancement
  • Eyebrows

Paramedical courses:

  • Nipple and areola reconstruction
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Scars
  • Alopecia sufferers

Beauty Spot: Semi-permanent makeup Folsom

A strategic dot for a desirable effect. Ladies throughout history have comprehended the power and mystery of the looks spot. In 18th-century Venice, ladies used them as a private language: a standout spot near the eye would mean ‘I’m irresistible. With Cosmetech the standout spot is so natural only you will understand. Extremely famous just above the lip, or increased on the cheekbone.

Eyebrow Shaping: Semi-permanent makeup Folsom

Eyebrow shaping can create a huge contrast to your face. By using the right shape and style, a prominent brow can support to prepare your face by adding word, heat and depth.

When following red carpet star eyebrows, such as Megan Fox and Cheryl Cole, they have excellent definition in their eyebrow shaping. This as a consequence, gives them a groomed, new and young impression.

The looks pages of Vogue, Tatler or InStyle journal show endless tips on eyebrow shaping and how to express our brows. Nevertheless, this suggestion is of little use to those who have inherently sparse brows, those who have over-plucked, or those who have mourned total loss via alopecia or cancer.

Eyebrow Shaping with the Cosmetech process is so clear that we can reconstruct your eyebrow shape by copying each hair at a microscopic level via the use of eyebrow tattooing. The result is very realistic and natural darting. Many of our customers, who have misplaced their hair for whatever cause, often become overwhelmed with their unique eyebrow confidence.

“In many circumstances, the therapy is a fantastic morale boost and we feel honoured to be part of that.”

Eyeliner: Semi-permanent makeup Folsom

Get an end to smudged and smudged eyeliner with medicine from Cosmetech and the Professional Make-Up Team.

As we all understand, bright and defined eye cosmetics can support creating a fresh and young appearance. What is more, our eyes are the main priority in our body language as they offer our human connection and presentation.

For many ladies, applying eyeliner to make a limited look can be a tricky or time-consuming task. Many famous cosmetic artists have often admitted to seeing themselves using, drawing and reapplying their eyeliner to remove wobbles, smudges or even disappearing at the end of the day. If you desire beautifully defined eyes then you have arrived at the right place.

Thankfully, Specialist Make-up Services have developed a span of bespoke therapies that add sparkle to your eyes and create your lashes look wider and your eyes more limited.

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